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Growing Pains

By Tom SamiljanMay 4, 2021

Stylish looks and features belie the OnePlus Watch’s bang-for-the-buck price point, but its current scarcity may be a good thing for now.

OnePlus has always been popular with the obsessive early adopter crowd, and the company’s first-ever smartwatch is no exception. In addition to tracking for more than 110 different workout types, the slim and sleek stainless steel and curved glass watch also has built-in GPS, an IP68 waterproof rating, ultra-long battery life of two weeks on a single charge, and heart rate, stress, sleep, and blood oxygen monitors.

OnePlus Watch

There’s just one problem: As we and multitudes of OnePlus fans commenting online have experienced in the first few weeks after the launch, not all of these features—SpO2 sleep measurement, message replies, thorough smartphone syncing–work as announced. That said, OnePlus says it will address these issues in updates; the remaining 90 or so promised workout types are set to be added in May. Even so, the watch is often sold out online, so if you’re an early adopter who manages to find a unit, go for it. Everyone else may want to wait a few months until the kinks are ironed out.—TS
The OnePlus Watch ($159) is available at oneplus.com and select retailers.